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Get rid of stretch marks

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Stretch marks could be very troublesome if we do not handle them well.
Some of you may found that using stretch marks removal cream may not very effective, so it is suggest that moisturizing those area could help to reduce stretch marks. Also, I would like to suggest three more ways for you to get rid of stretch marks!

First, use oco butter or olive oil to moisturize stretch marks gently, or some of my friends would recommend me to use stretch marks removal creams. For example, Clarins’s stretch mark control is quite useful and fragrance-free. (Here’s the website:

Second, you could use lemon to make lemonade! You may not notice that lemons are very amazing as they could help us to lightening our skin and hair. My mom said she drank lemonade a lot when she got some stretch marks.

Third, egg white could also help since it contains amino acids and proteins. Also, I found a lot of comments through Internet reflected this was effective. 

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